REMIC 2013 key topics

Extensive legislative changes: have they really started?

In 2013 amendments were made to the Russian Civil Code, Land Code, Urban Planning Code, Federal Law on State Immovable Property Cadaster and Federal Law on State Registration of Rights to Immovable Property and Transactions with It and other laws. The Russian Tax Code was amended previously. How will the accepted changes affect business activities, how to use them most effectively and should they be viewed as serving the business interests? Will the legislative activity continue and will the essential laws be adopted as regards the land relations improvement?

Effective management of immovable property under the conditions of tight control over the increasing costs of corporations

The Government sets the task of reducing costs of corporations and imposes moratoria on tariff growth. Possible solutions for cost reduction. Property release. A new approach to the real estate portfolio of a corporation. Can property management be effective under the cost reduction conditions?

Advanced and innovative property management practices

Key trends in immovable property management. The most successful approaches to immovable property management as exemplified by Russian and international practices. What kind of tools aimed at improving real estate management are offered to corporations by the market professionals? Is it an answer to a company’s needs? How to make supply be really focused on demand? Are corporations ready to formulate their needs and commit themselves to proactive interaction? What is the key requirement of corporations?

Regional development strategies for companies

Business makes a great contribution to the country’s economy, inter alia, through active implementation of regional projects. Moving towards East. Adopting new business models and practices. Developing new territories and resources. What issues do companies face when implementing regional development projects? How cooperation with regional authorities can help in delivering breakthrough projects? Are there any prospects for creating new forms of partnership between the Government and the private sector that can help corporations in implementing regional programs? What do companies expect from the Government? What are regional authorities ready to offer and what do they expect to receive back?