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REMIC | Real Estate Management In Corporations


The purpose of the REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT IN CORPORATIONS (REMIC 2013) conference is to foster the business climate in Russia by developing and promoting efficient mechanisms of asset management in large corporations.

Our objectives are to create a permanent expert platform, bringing together representatives of corporations, public authorities, NGOs, and professional consultants in corporate real estate management, and to summarize the development of the corporate real estate sector from the end of the 90s to the present moment, to analyze relevant global and local trends, and to determine the key challenges of the coming decade. We also aim to initiate the development of a project aimed at reducing corporations’ costs related to real estate management, within the framework of the National Entrepreneurial Initiative.

In April 2012, Vladimir Putin gave the order to carry out reforms which will enable Russia to jump 100 positions in the Doing Business Rating (from 120th to the 20th position). The entrepreneurial community, possessing the necessary knowledge, must participate actively in the development of reforms which enable improvement of the business climate in Russia.

The set of criteria for the Doing Business Rating depends directly on the quality of real estate management.

Corporate real estate occupies a significant share in the overall volume of real estate in Russia.

Increasing corporate real estate management efficiency will have a beneficial effect on improving the business climate and strengthening the Russian economy.