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REMIC | Real Estate Management In Corporations

Ivan Veselov

Head, Dispute Resolution Practice Area – Goltsblat BLP

Ivan Veselov specialises in representing the interests of clients in the following court case areas: 

  • Disputes involving the protection of proper title,
  • Disputes stemming from corporate conflicts (asset seizure, management “takeover,” etc.),
  • Disputes involving legally-binding relations (rental arrangements, capital lease, sale-purchase, insurance) and the voiding of contracts and agreements,
  • Disputes involving asserting the interests of developers (including in disputes with state agencies),
  • Legal support for bankruptcy procedures.

Has more than 15 years of experience representing the interests of Russian and foreign clients in the state commercial courts of all 10 arbitration districts and courts of general jurisdiction, successfully using time-trusted techniques and developing his own methods of highly-effective court representation.

Against the backdrop of constantly-changing legislation and evolving case law, heading up a team of highly-skilled attorneys, Ivan formulates and implements original, pro-active strategies in order to achieve the objectives set by the client.

Fluent in both Russian and English.