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REMIC | Real Estate Management In Corporations

Roman Bevzenko

Partner, Head of Special Projects Practice Pepeliaev Group, PhD in Law

Roman's practice in law started in 1997. Before joining Pepeliaev Group Roman headed Private Law Department of the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation.

Roman was intimately involved in drafting and discussing the key clarifications of the the Russian Supreme Commercial ('Arbitration') Court (the "SCC") in civil law matters between 2008 and 2014. He was personally responsible for drafting several of the most significant resolutions of the Plenum of the SCC and information letters of the Presidium of the SCC in the following areas: security for obligations (about pledges, guarantees and bank guarantees); real estate law (about the sale and purchase of future real estate, and about investment contracts); and the law of obligations (about freedom of contract, leases, disputes under loan agreements, the discontinuation of obligations, and the termination of contracts).

Roman’s experience also includes operating of various large unit investment trusts. He arranged a model that used complex investment structures to organise bank and private financing of the construction of commercial and residential facilities.

Since 2008, Roman has been a member of the working group for drafting the Concept for Improving Civil Law and the new draft of the Russian Civil Code. He has played an active role in the group, most notably in the sub-group devoted to the general provisions of the Civil Code, proprietary rights, and financial transactions and securities.

In parallel with his career as a practising lawyer, Roman has enthusiastically undertaken teaching assignments. He has been an assistant professor in the civil law department of the Higher School of Economics from 2008 to date; and he has been a professor in the Russian School of Private Law from 2012 to date. Before 2008, he worked at Samara State Economic University as an assistant professor in the civil law department.

Roman has more that 70 academic publications to his name, including seven monographs, on private law problems. These have been devoted to real estate law, pledges and mortgages, offset of liabilities, guarantees and so on.

Roman is fluent in English. He has translated into Russian various works of prominent European academics dealing with the issue of securing obligations.