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Tobias Schwarz

Coworking Manager of St. Oberholz

Tobias Schwarz, who was born and raised in Magdeburg, is Coworking Manager at Sankt Oberholz in Berlin, managing the two coworking spaces you might not know yet, because the name is mostly linked with the dense population of MacBooks at the bustling café and bar at Rosenthaler Platz.

Before that Tobias Schwarz was Project Head of the blog, for whom he still works as an Editor-at-Large and as an advisor to the management. He studied political science in Munich, Venice, and Berlin. Tobias Schwarz is a Founding Board Member of the German Coworking Federation. You may follow him on Twitter at @isarmatrose.


He studied Political Science and International Relations at the universities in Munich, Venice and Berlin.

Professional Experience

Internships at European representations in Brussels, Berlin and Munich.

2010 – 2012
PowerPoint Designer at McKinsey & Company Inc. in Munich and Berlin.

Head of Office for the German politician Malte Spitz of Alliance '90/The Greens in Berlin.

International Development Assistant for Tumblr, Inc. in Berlin.

Head of Project of the German online magazine in Hamburg and Berlin.

2016 – today
Coworking Manager of St. Oberholz and Co-Founder of the Institute of New Work in Berlin.