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REMIC | Real Estate Management In Corporations


The aim of the Real Estate Management in Corporations (REMIC) conference is to assist in boosting Russia’s economic potential by building productive land-and-property relations between the state and corporations under the implementation of nationally important projects.

By virtue of Russia’s particular territorial considerations, the success of nationally important strategic projects, never-before attempted in world practice, largely depends on the effective fostering of land-and-property relations between the state and corporations. Achieving the right balance of interests between the two sides is only possible by taking into consideration the interests of the state, the strategic development objectives of corporations, and respect for the interests of the peoples residing in Russia.

Conference goals are as follows: exploring the issues associated with elevating the level of transparency of land-and-property relations in Russia, modernizing the technological complex of production, regulating the cadastral aspects of the land-and-property relations of corporations, and refining the system for the taxation of corporate real estate.

REMIC will be held for the seventh time. The sheer scope and strategic importance of the issues raised at the conference, the prominence of its participants, and the current relevance of the challenges it addresses have allowed it to be ranked among Russia’s leading economic forums and earn a solid reputation among the business community.