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Mariya Katkova

Advisor of the General Director, Gazprom Teploenergo

Born on November 13, 1978, in the settlement of Dubki (Vladimir Region).

In 2002 she graduated from the Saint Petersburg Institute of International Economic Relations with a degree in Legal Studies; in 2013 she received her MBA degree in the FSBEI HPO State University of Management to become the Master of Business Administration.

In 2000–2008 she worked as a court session secretary, a legal adviser, a Head of the Legal Department in the Municipal Court of Ramenskoye (Moscow Region), as well as in the Ramenskoye Branch No. 2580 of Sberbank of Russia and at the Tomilinsk Poultry Plant CJSC.

In 2008–2012 she was CEO of Teplo-Invest JSC (affiliate company of Gazprom Teploenergo JSC).

In 2012–2018 she worked as a Head of the Department of Land and Property Regulations in Gazprom Teploenergo JSC.

Since 2018 till the present day she has been Advisor to the CEO of Gazprom Teploenergo JSC.